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E. Norbert Smith, Ph.D.

Christmas, even to non-Christian, brings thoughts of angels, for it was an angel that announced the birth of the Christ child on which all history past and future hinges (See Luke 2:8-15). Angels have captured man's imagination from ancient times when Jacob wrestled with an angel all night in order to receive a blessing, and won! (Gen 32:24-30.) Even the ever-popular TV series Touched by an Angel has angels as lead characters notwithstanding most are of the wrong gender. Angels remain active, even it this sophisticated high tech world of the twenty-first century and I have a photographic evidence. Let me explain.

My daughter attends the awesome New Life Church (www.newlifechurch.org). In just 17 years it has grown from a home church to the largest church in Colorado. They have a 5 million dollar annual budget of which over 3 million dollars is spent on missions. Flags from every nation on earth hang from the ceiling of the auditorium. Over 5,000 people attend worship services each Sunday and many people have moved to Colorado Springs in order to be a part of New Life Church. I am considered doing so myself.

Just over a year ago, New Life Church opened the World Prayer Center. The structure cost 3 million dollars and contains dormitories for the youth training program and houses a couple of parachurch organizations as well as their Christian bookstore appropriately called The Arsenal. The actual prayer center is a large auditorium style room surrounded by windows with a breathtaking view of Pike's Peak and the Air Force Academy. Outside are park benches among quiet pools and fountains designed for spiritual contemplation and prayer. Inside around the walls are prayer stations with diverse material demanding prayer, such as a listing of all our government leaders by name and state, Native American concerns, a section about youth and abortion and many stations about various mission needs around the world. At the front is a large lighted world globe that turns once each hour bringing all regions of the world into full view. Access is provided by New Life staff and is open 24/7. Many people from New Life and other area churches utilize the Prayer Center around the clock. Some pray silently, some bring praise music to play while they praise, dance and pray. It is truly otherworldly. Most people weep openly upon entering, as did some of my own worldly truck driving students. Many take off their shoes. None visit. The presence of God is palpable. Some of my students have returned again and again in their own trucks. It is undeniably Holy ground.

Beautiful World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs

Since the World Prayer Center opened there have been visitations by angels nearly every week. Scores of people have witnessed the presence of angels and many have seen visions explaining the responsibilities assigned to the various angels. Broadly they appear to have two major roles. Many minister to the needs of those present and of those for which prayer is offered. Others are warrior angels and do spiritual warfare as needed. One particular warfare angel named "Protector" has been seen over twenty times on the grounds, in the prayer center and in the church sanctuary. New Life contracted an artist to interview the people that saw him. In much the same was as a police artist can interview crime witnesses and produce a drawing by which the criminal can be recognized, so the artist produced a statue of Protector. He seems he has been assigned permanent duty at the World Prayer Center. The likeness of Protector is not some dreamy whimsical Hollywood creation with a beatific smile. Instead he is a rugged muscular warrior angel ready to draw a huge sword and do spiritual warfare as needed.

Over Christmas I photographed Protector's statue. Upon returning to my home church in Oklahoma, as is my custom, I showed "Aunt" Jane (My home church Pastor's mother-in-law) my latest travel pictures. I even told her I knew she would like the last picture (that of Protector). She liked the winter mountain and snow pictures and especially the photos of New Life Church and the World Prayer Center. When she got to the last photo she started weeping uncontrollably. Tears flowed down her face. She could neither talk nor see. I thought this was a little to much even for her and said, "Get a grip. It's just an angel." Through her tears she kept sobbing, "You don't understand, you don't understand." Finally, she regained enough composure to explain that once, several years back she saw an angel ministering to a young man for whom she was praying. It was not just some nameless, faceless image...it was this very angel, Protector! She also saw him recently at the church's indigent shelter. The Creator of heaven and earth is still in the business of sending ministering angels to fight the forces of darkness. Praise Him. Praise Him. Amen.

Protector, ready for warfare