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Maple Tree Legend
Doc Smith

The Rest of the Story

During the fall of the first year I was on the road I was in nonstop awe at the explosion of the spectacular autumn foliage. From east to west and from north to south the forests and roadsides were ablaze with brilliant color. I had stopped at a roadside rest area in the eastern United States to photograph some of God's Natural beauty and felt drawn to a particular maple tree. Upon approaching it, camera in hand, it looked as though the blood of a wounded deer had stained some of the leaves. I was prepared to attempt to find the wounded creature, but instead discovered that God had painted the bloodstains on the maple leaves. I took but one photograph and it turned out awesome. In the intervening years I have stopped at dozens of places and taken hundreds of fall photos, but never again have I seen blood stained leaves. God is so good!

Before I returned to my truck...still teary eyed because of the breathtaking beauty...the Holy Spirit gave me the above story.