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Harry Direen's Testimony

To give a little back ground about myself, I live in Colorado Springs, CO, a little north of New Life Church. I have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and work for a software company on the south end of Colorado Springs. I mention the Ph.D. because as a high school drop-out, and a person who knew he would never go to college, it is a great testament of God’s Love and caring for His children that got me to where I am today. I went through high school in San Diego. I decided in 8th grade that I wanted to get into electronics, I knew nothing about it at the time, only that it seemed to be a technical field (I loved most anything technical) that had no bounds. I ended up quitting high school after 3 years (long story in itself) and joining the Air Force reserves. I joined the Air Force because I could get training in electronics and they covered the costs. After a year of basic training, and tech school in crypto electronics I was back on the streets in San Diego (weekend warrior in the Air Force). I got a job as an electronic technician for a company in San Diego and found to my great delight that people could actually be paid to travel all over the country and even to different parts of the world to work on electronic equipment. I though I had died and gone to heaven, I loved to travel, and I loved working on electronic equipment.

After about two years at this job, God put it on my heart that I had to quit the job I loved so much. It was a Sunday evening… just quit cold turkey the job I loved. It was not quit to go on to something bigger and better… it was just quit. I went into work and had to tell two separate bosses, both whom I loved dearly that I was quitting. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. That Friday would be my last day. I was leaving for Hawaii that Saturday for my two week summer camp with the Air Force Reserves. I had a real peace about what I was doing after I gave my notice, but it was still hard for the people I worked with and truly enjoyed and myself. That night, college kind of popped into my mind. I had always wanted to get an electrical engineering degree, but had never even allowed myself to dream about the possibility. That Friday they guys at work gave me a real nice send off lunch. The next day I was leaving for Hawaii. I left early that afternoon and decide I would go and just check out the local Jr. College to see what it would take to get in. You won’t believe it… turns out it was the last possible day I could sign up for the up coming semester. By the time I got back from Hawaii it would have been too late!. It was truly amazing, God provide the desires of my heart, a desire I had never even let myself dream about. I went on to get my BS in Electrical Engineering, and then some time later on to get my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, all because I took a leap of faith and believed in God. There are many more miracles I can point to of God providing all the way through college, through marriage to a wonderful wife, Sue, and now two fantastic sons. My older son, Randy, is in college now at UC Boulder studing… electrical engineering. My younger son, James, is an amazing artist. He is into computer graphics and animation. Both boys have a wonderful walk with the Lord. My wife and my boys are my best friends in life.

Now, onto the topic of evolution and creation. It was somehow in the back of my mind when I started college that in studying science there would come a point that science must disprove God… evolution would become obvious. After all, evolution was an excepted fact by scientists. Electrical engineering is not biology, but it is heavy science, math and physics. Funny thing was, just the opposite happened. Seemed the more I understood about the underlying physics and structure of the natural world, the more I became convinced there was no way random processes could produce complex structures. The more time I spend designing complex equipment, the more I realized and became absolutely convinced things are not created by accident. Designing even relatively simple things makes you keenly aware that if even the littlest detail is overlooked your hard work goes up in smoke, literally. It takes teams of people working together, many long hard, often frustrating, hours to make the miracle of the equipment and technology that is taken for granted, TVs, computers, cellphones…. This stuff does not happen by accident! And all these thing are trivial compared to the simplest living organisms. If you do not believe this, go out and try to find on the market or design for your self, a self-replicating, autonomous robot.

I was wonderfully pleased back in the early 80s to run across the book: Scientific Creationism by Dr. Henry Morris of the Institute of Creation Research (ICR). This was a real eye opener for me and it was wonderful to see a group dedicated to the research and explanation of life, using scientific principles. Funny, biblical creation fits science as we know it, far better than evolution! I have read much of the material publish by the Institute of Creation Science and a wide variety of other books over the years. This has become a pet subject of my that peaks my interest as time permits.