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I am called Grace Chi, my mum is from Cameroon while my Dad is from Nigeria. I was born on the 20th October 1982 in Cameroon. I also grew up and schooled there. I have
three sisters and one brother. I am the last born. I preferred my mumís country (Cameroon) to my Dadís (Nigeria), maybe because I was born in Cameroon of other reasons. My mum and dad struggled together to make money and they decided as they contributed that my dad should come to Nigeria to build a house. However, to my mumís greatest surprise, my dad was coming back to Cameroon with a second wife who was also a Nigerian.

My mum being a quit and gentle woman accepted the second wife just to make sure there was peace in the family. However, the second wife donít wants peace so she persuaded my dad to send my mum away. My dad abandoned us with our mum and sent us out of the house with nothing. We had to start a new life when I was 7years old. ďFROM GRACE TO GRASSĒ. My mum started struggling in order to sponsor us in school. But life became tougher every day. Two years later when I was 9 years old, my mum died of heart attack. My stepsister has to stop her education to struggle and sponsor us.

I will never forget her. I can say that she became our mother when our mum died. She carttered for us. And God was always there for us. I thought we will die but God was there and makes us to know that we were His children. I have never experienced the fatherís love. My mum was so dear to me, but I thank God for He knows why my mum died when I was 9 years old. I believe it was to give me a testimony to share with people.

I thank God for providing a means to attend a great college cos in my secondary school, I went to night school cos there was no money to send me to any day school. However, I was always happy, glad and pleased where I was. I believe I will not die a victim like my mum. If Christ didnít die for my own sins, my dad would have been the very last person I will ever forgive in this life, but I thank God for His only begotten son Jesus Christ who died for my sins. I prayed and vowed never to marry any Nigeria. I believe God is working it out too. And I believe God will fulfill my destiny in this life. My heart desire is to be dwell in the house of God forever. Cos He has done much more than I could ever think of. I wish to proclaim that victory will always and forever be ours cos Jesus was, is and still remain a victor forever..